Discouraging videos regarding geography education in US now relevant

The majority of people asked on the street had no idea where Russia or Ukraine are located.

WORLD AUGUST 12. 2023 17:39

In a previously released public opinion poll, 84 per cent of Americans do not know where Ukraine is located. A series was recently made about this, which shows that the average American, in addition to not knowing where in the world a country is located, also laughs a lot over his or her own ignorance. Some pointed to Australia or Mexico on a map, while some indicated Finland as being Ukraine.

Very few people were able to answer the question of where Russia is, and some were convinced that China is Russia.

The Washington Post asked more than two thousand Americans about, among other things, where Ukraine is located on the map. However, as you can see from the dots on the image, the results were disheartening.

The survey found that only every sixth American, or 16 per cent of the respondents, placed Ukraine correctly on the map. Most people thought that Ukraine was somewhere in Europe or Asia, but they were wrong on average by 1,500-2,000 kilometers. 27 per cent of those between the ages of 18 and 24 identified Ukraine’s location correctly, as did 14 per cent of those over 65. 20 per cent of men answered correctly, while 13 per cent of women got it right.



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