European air transport in chaos

Air transport is plagued by a series of strikes, delayed flights and labour shortages. Moreover, airlines regularly fail to provide clear information about their passengers' damage claims. A group of MEPs are working to have the European Commission review the EU's regulation pertaining to the rights of air passengers. They have also called on airlines to observe EU rules.

POLITICS JULY 15. 2022 16:59

Conditions in European air traffic are far from ideal. A series of strikes, flight delays and labour shortage are causing chaos at airports. Moreover, airlines regularly fail to provide clear information about their passengers’ damage claims.

Supported by 47 of their European colleagues, MEPs Eniko Gyori and Edina Toth, delegates of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, have submitted a written inquiry to the European Commission.

The MEPs’ initiative aims to stand up for air passengers’ rights and calls on airlines to comply with EU law.

Ms Toth emphasized, that „due to the lay-offs during the pandemic, the peak summer season is expected to be increasingly chaotic. What we can see, however, is that

the rights of passengers who have suffered financial losses due to cancellations and delays, as well as lost or damaged luggage, have been trampled by the airlines in the recent period.

This is why we need action at the EU level, for the benefit of consumers.”

The aim of their initiative is to have the European Commission review the EU’s current regulation on air passenger rights, Ms Gyori added. „New rules are also needed, in order to more fully protect the rights of consumers.”

It’s a must to ensure automatic compensation, clear, easily accessible, user-friendly information and the possibility to follow up complaints on the airlines’ websites,”

the MEP underlined.



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