Ex-PM forms shadow government

Hungary's disgraced former PM and DK Party chair Ferenc Gyurcsany is to form a shadow governement led by his wife, MEP Klara Dobrev, in a matter of days.



“The time has come: Klara Dobrev is forming a shadow government!” reads a Facebook post shared by the Democratic Coalition (DK) party on Friday. They wrote that the party’s leadership asked Ms Dobrev, the wife of disgraced former PM Ferenc Gyurcsany, to form the first real shadow government of Hungary’s history and show that there is a viable alternative. Ms Dobrev is DK’s MEP, who lost last year’s left-wing primary election to Peter Marki-Zay.

This “may just have been” what Gyurcsany was preparing for,” the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet wrote as early as Friday morning.

The president of the DK party has shared several entries on his social media over the past few months, hinting at the fact that they are preparing for something. In these entries, Mr Gyurcsany used disparaging words to criticise PM Orban and the current government. He wrote about a regime change, a revolt, and a new period of tranquility and calm.

In terms of dismantling the current structure, he stated that being in opposition is a patriotic duty, and dismantling a malfunctioning system is a patriotic act. He also recalled the events of 2006 in a rather scandalous manner, and he wrote on Friday morning: “I said: we were making preparations. Now I say: we are prepared.”



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