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Fake interview follows bogus video and miraculous testing kit

"We are shocked by the increasingly aggressive and unscrupulous methods left-wing fake news factories have adopted," the Hungarian Prime Minister's Cabinet Office wrote, reacting to the publication of another "fake news article" by a portal linked to the Hungarian Socialist Party. The bogus interview recently published by the fake news portal suggests that the prime minister did in fact give them an interview.

Having been implicated in several recent fake news scandals, the Hungarian news outlet has gone another step further. The website published an article with a photo of Viktor Orban and a sentence attributed to the premier in the headline. The Hungarian prime minister never uttered the quoted sentence and the article is but a fake interview.

Hungarian news portal Origo contacted and asked the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office to comment on Hírklikk's fake interview and their response reads as follows:

"The Prime Minister's Cabinet Office is considering possible legal actions because of the evident falsification of news and fake interview, published by fake news portal Hirklikk, making it seem like the prime minister did in fact give them an interview. We have also called on the portal to remove the bogus news article without delay. Initiating criminal proceedings is also being considered. We are shocked by the increasingly aggressive and unscrupulous methods left-wing fake news factories have adopted. Left-wing Hirklikk is an unscrupulous fake news platform that has actively contributed to fabricating a bogus video featuring a fake ambulance officer and spread across the left-wing media spectrum, and it also published a bogus interview with the twin brother of the self-professed fake ambulance officer about a miraculus coronavirus testing kit."

It is not the first scandal of the leftist fake news factory. The portal was among the first to publish a fake video in which a bogus ambulance officer talked about the state of Hungarian healthcare to Socialist MP Lajos Korozs. It soon became clear that the bogus video was produced by the staff of Istvan Ujhelyi, an MEP of the Hungarian Socialist Party, and financed by amounts received from Brussels. In a bid to save face, Mr Ujhelyi took to Facebook to explain that his party associate who produced the video "only provided technical assistance in his spare time," meaning the leftist MEP knew about the falsification of news.

Így csinált hülyét az európai baloldal a saját mikrofon&aacu...
European left makes a fool of its own mouthpieces

The practice of churning out fake news Bolshevik style isn't exactly uncharted waters for the left,...

Hirklikk's close affiliation with the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) came to light thanks to an unprofessional incident. The news portal did not only publish the statement of Lajos Korozs - the politician forced to provide an explanation with regard to the bogus paramedic video - ahead of time, but the article itself also contained the internal instructions of the Socialist (MSZP) consultants tasked with providing a manual, step-by-step guidance.

Shortly thereafter, the news portal was told by a certain Karoly Nemeth - the alleged consultant of Norcros Hungary Llc - that although several renowned medical experts had applauded the device, the government refused to endorse his test, "because they could't make money on it." Speaking to the news programme of Hungary's public broadcaster a little later, Nemeth contradicted himself by saying that not everyone had praised the equipment and he in fact had not talked to everyone whom he had referred to.

Amikor azt hiszed nincs lejjebb és mégis van
When you think they can’t sink any lower, they do

Barely a few weeks after the Hungarian left's bogus video featuring a fake ambulance officer has provoked a general outcry,...

It turned out later that the bogus ambulance officer and Karoly Nemeth were twins.

Notórius hazudozó ikertestvéreket használt a balliberális fake ne...
Left-liberal fake news factory uses notorious twin liars

Two pathological liars, who happen to be twins, have been spreading fake information across a number of left-wing news platforms in recent weeks,...

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