Fears of terror and disease plague Paris Olympics

Worrying details have emerged about the location of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

WORLD APRIL 28. 2024 17:04

The level of terrorist threat has prompted enhanced security measures in preparation for the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, as V4NA has already reported.

Potential attacks are not the only cause for fear, as the French capital is having to grapple with other challenges as well, the Norwegian news portal Document pointed out. Some of the events are scheduled to be held in the Seine, where the world’s best swimmers will compete against each other – at least that is the plan of organisers.

However, the water quality of the Seine River is causing serious concerns, with doubts being raised about whether it is safe to jump into the river.

With less than 100 days to go until the start of the Games, the Surfrider Foundation, an international charity also working to protect the human enjoyment of bodies of water and their sustainability, has published a report that says the Seine still has „worryingly” high levels of E. coli bacteria.

The Danish news portal DR reports that the British Olympic delegation is not taking any risks.

„We will be preemptively vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A, and will have to take antibiotics after the competition,”

British Olympic swimmer Hector Pardoe told The Independent. He added that they had not had to take such precautions before, „but the last thing the federation wants is for any of us to be put in danger. So they are being very careful ahead of the Paris Olympics”.

Last year, several swimming and triathlon races were to have been held in the Seine, but as the bacteria levels in the river proved to be too high, almost all races were cancelled. Following the news, reigning Olympic 10km champion Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil called for a Plan B.

„If you can’t compete in the Seine, there must be a plan B. The organisers have to accept that unfortunately it is not possible to hold the race where they would like and they have to think about the health of the athletes, which is the most important thing,” Cunha said in March.

However, the organisers have not yet announced any alternative. President Emmanuel Macron claims that the river will be ready for competitions by the summer.



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