Fetishists parade in Berlin's main square

Hundreds of fetishists identifying as dogs marched through central Berlin.

WORLD SEPTEMBER 22. 2023 16:00

The video of the bizarre meetup shows hundreds of people gathered, howling and barking. Many of them can be seen wearing dog-like masks.

Commenters across social media did not mince words, with some calling those gathered mentally ill and saying they have nothing to do on the streets.

„How nice of mental institutions to allow patients outdoors every once in a while,”

one commenter remarked.

Another commenter made the plea to “call animal control.”

“This has to be a joke right? There’s no way people are doing this!” one commenter exclaimed.

If they do indeed identify as dogs and only communicate in barking and howling how do they interact with humans and other living beings, others asked.

Recently, a Japanese man rose to fame thanks to his dog fetish. He had a realistic collie costume made for 14 thousand dollars, which he wears in public, posing as a dog.

The man is only known as “Toco,” and he said the costume has helped fulfill his dream of „becoming an animal”.

The canine man has a YouTube channel, where he regularly shares content.



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