Former politician arrested on suspicion of paedophilia

Last night, Hungarian police arrested Gabor Kovacs, a former politician of the Green Party (LMP), based on a warrant issued against him for allegedly committing paedophilia.

POLITICS FEBRUARY 28. 2023 11:09

The police arrested and detained the former Greens politician who was wanted on suspicion of paedophilia, the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet writes. The Somogy County Police Headquarters has confirmed the information obtained by the daily, adding that police officers captured the man in Vas County last night.

Another Hungarian newspaper, Blikk, reported recently that a few days ago, the police issued a warrant for the arrest of Gabor Kovacs on charges of sexual abuse of a person under the age of 14. The victim was a young boy, according to the newspaper.

The 67-year-old man is not unknown in the public life of Somogy county, as he was previously a councillor of a local municipality and ran as a candidate for parliament. The newspaper recalled that in the 2014 general elections, Mr Kovacs was a candidate nominated by the Fourth Republic! party (4K! ) in Somogy county’s electoral district number 2, the centre of which is his hometown, Barcs. He received only 54 votes, but this did not discourage him from continuing a career in politics. Three years later, the LMP party presented him as their candidate in the next elections.

According to the (since deleted) information on the opposition party’s website, Mr Kovacs was a member of the board of the Somogy County branch of LMP, Blikk noted. His profile reveals that he has three children, graduated as an economist in Pecs and had previously served two terms as a local councillor in Nagyatad, near Barcs.

During the LMP politician’s candidacy, his campaign was supported by party bigwigs. Public photos and videos show that they personally travelled to the settlement close to the Croatian border to collect signatures with him, the tabloid writes.

Nevertheless, a few months later, in January 2018, LMP announced without giving any explanations that they would not be running Kovacs in the April elections.

After the news of a warrant against Kovacs broke, LMP said in a statement that he had not been a member of the party since December 2017.



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