Friendship oil pipeline resumes deliveries

Gergely Gulyas, the minister leading the prime minister's office, told a press briefing that the pipeline has resumed operation, and touched upon the incident in Poland.

POLITICS NOVEMBER 16. 2022 16:51

After inquiries late Tuesday afternoon regarding the shutdown of the Friendship oil pipeline, Hungary’s government was informed that not the pipeline itself, but a transformer supplying power to it was damaged, Gergely Gulyas, the minister heading the PM’s office told a press conference. The stoppage was temporary, he said, stressing that the country’s crude oil supply would still have been ensured even if deliveries had not been restarted. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto also announced that the Friendship pipeline resumed operation from 2 pm on Wednesday, albeit with lower pressure.

Wednesday’s government meeting also focused on the missile incident in Poland which took place on Tuesday. The circumstances of the blast are being investigated. NATO has unanimously expressed solidarity with Poland, Gergely Gulyas emphasized. He confirmed preliminary information that the Polish village near the Ukrainian border was mostly likely hit by a Ukrainian air defence missile. We must wait for the findings of a comprehensive investigation of the incident, he said, and emphasized that Hungary, along with all NATO member states, considers Article 5 of the organisation’s founding treaty binding.

Earlier today, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban shared a post on Twitter, saying

We need a calm and thorough investigation regarding the explosions in Przewodow. One thing is for sure: Hungary stands firmly by Poland. I expressed my full support to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki yesterday evening.



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