Front page of savage Nazi media desecrating the dead – photos

Front page of savage Nazi media desecrating the dead – photos

Mirotvorec, the ill-famed Ukrainian Nazi website, calls for further killings with photos depicting, based on their badges, dozens of dead Russian soldiers. The inhuman and undignified manner in which the bodies are presented fits the legal definition of corpse desecration. The UN has previously reminded both countries to ensure that prisoners of war receive humane and worthy treatment and that they are “not subjected to public curiosity and insult” in line with obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

WORLD MAY 16. 2022 13:08

Mirotvorec, a Ukrainian website that publishes death lists, welcomes its readers with a grisly opening page.The administrators of the Nazi portal have published images of presumably Russian marines, based on their clothing and insignia. The caption of the horrific montage reads: “Death to the Russian Nazi occupiers.”

As V4NA had stressed earlier, Mirotvorec is a site listing those it considers enemies of Ukraine. In addition to several Russian minors, the Ukrainian site’s death list includes journalists, politicians and officials of Russian, Ukrainian and other nationalities. As we reported earlier, the launching and the operation of the site – which incites to murders – can be directly linked to Ukraine’s interior ministry and government, thus to President Volodymyr Zelensky himself.




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