Gang of three beats gay boy, throws rainbow flag in river - video

The attack took place on International Day Against Homophobia. The assailants filmed their attack and the video soon went viral on social media. Police had an easy job identifying the attackers who are soon to face charges.

WORLD MAY 19. 2021 16:16

In Belgium three young men were arrested for a homophobic attack on Monday, which marked International Day Against Homophobia, according to the Belgian news portal. In the town of Oudenaarde in east Flanders, the Chechen member of a 3-strong gang beat up a boy, allegedly for his homsexuality. On the same day –  the very day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia –  the Moroccan member of the gang removed a rainbow flag from the pole outside the federal finance office and flung it into the nearby river, shouting Allahu Akbar. A third youth recorded both of these events on his phone.

Marnic De Meulemeester, the mayor of Oudenaarde, condemned the actions of the youths. “I strongly condemn this kind of behaviour. The fact that this happened on International Transphobia Day makes the situation even worse. There should be no place for this kind of violence in our city and we must take real action against it,” the mayor said.

The young men, who have yet to be confirmed as minors, were quickly identified and taken into police custody, and they could face trial soon.



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