Gynaecologist accused of transphobia for refusing to examine a man

Gynaecologist accused of transphobia for refusing to examine a man

An association has accused a gynaecologist of transphobia for refusing to examine a trans woman. The doctor defended himself by saying that he is not qualified to examine male-to-female trans people, but failed to convince the activists.

WORLD SEPTEMBER 19. 2023 16:35

A French gynaecologist, Dr Victor Acharian, has been accused of transphobia after refusing to consult a transgender woman. An organisation called SOS Homophobia shared the exchange on social media, instantly triggering attacks against the doctor by LGBTQ activists.

Dr Acharian defended himself by explaining that he only treats biological women and is not qualified to provide care to individuals who have transitioned from male to female.

However, the SOS Homophobia association was not satisfied with this response and strongly condemned the gynecologist’s statement, stressing that transphobia has real and harmful consequences, especially in terms of access to healthcare.

Speaking to Radio Sud, Dr Acharian apologised to the transgender community and attempted to clarify his position, stating that he is not homophobic, but admitted to clumsiness in his response.

The United States has also seen a gynaecologist who refused to consult a transgender woman being branded as exclusionary. These incidents are not surprising, given that the UK National Health Service (NHS), for example, has previously stated that ovarian cancer can affect anyone, not only women.

In Scotland, materials provided to midwifery students at a university taught them how to treat „birthing people” who may still have external male genitalia.

Some of the students sharply criticised the learning material, saying it disregards biology.

There have been previous examples of promoting males giving birth. The cover page of The Practising Midwife magazine featured a trans man holding his baby in his arms, and the two are even connected by an umbilical cord. In the photo, the man raises his fist in the air and bears a rainbow tattoo on his forearm. The magazine also presented a comprehensive discussion in an attempt to highlight the need to make transmasculine motherhood and maternity care more inclusive.



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