High number of shootings deplete blood banks in Sweden

The recent increase in violence has led to a shortage in the supply of a certain blood type in the Swedish province.

WORLD AUGUST 4. 2023 21:15

With the high number of shootings, the Swedish blood supply is grunning low. The situation has even lead to a shortage of one blood group in the province of Sodermanland.

In the past two weeks, there have been three shootings in Eskilstuna, sending many people to emergency departments for urgent care. Large quantities of blood were needed to treat those wounded in the shootings and for major surgeries. In addition, the lack of blood donors is becoming an increasing threat to ensuring blood supplies.

According to Thomas Hylvander, a biomedical analyst at the blood center at Malar Hospital in Eskilstuna, the lack of blood is not just a local problem.

„Blood centres across the country help each other, so this is a national problem. There are shootings everywhere. We need more blood donors to keep the supply stable in Sweden,” the analyst told public television.

There is also concern within the healthcare sector regarding the greater international situation, Mr Hylvander said.

We do not know what will happen now that the threat of terrorism has increased in the country. A single blood supply centre cannot handle all cases, should something happen.

According to official statistics, in Sweden there have been more than 200 shootings this year, which caused death or injury to almost a hundred people.

As reported by V4NA, the number of shootings in the country has recently hit a record high. Sweden’s national police chief, Anders Thornberg, called a press conference last year to give a status report on serious immigration-related gang crime involving shootings and bombings, which claimed more lives than ever before.

Thornberg began by listing several shootings that had broken out between gangs, including one incident on public transportation where it was sheer luck that no one was injured or killed.

„We [the police] see the situation as particularly serious. The level of violence used by criminal groups linked to immigrant gangs in Sweden has now reached a scale we have not seen before,” the police chief said, explaining that not only were the number of people killed higher than ever, but so were the number of gunshot wounds and shooting altercations.

The chief of police said terrorist bombings by gangs are also increasing in magnitude and causing great destruction. Immigrant gangs are gaining access to more serious, often military-level weapons, which Thornberg says is one of the reasons more people are dying in these attacks.

Thornberg also warned of a vicious spiral in which the severe violence in an area eventually becomes normalized, leading more people to cross the line into believing they can legitimately resort to the use of firearms in conflict.




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