Hungarian RTL Klub states falsehood about government press briefing

Government's spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi responded to a claim by Hungarian RTL Klub that she only allowed the TV channel's reporter to ask one single question at the government's regular weekly press briefing.

POLITICS APRIL 29. 2022 21:38

“Government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi had a spat with RTL Klub’s reporter at the government press briefing. Zsolt Tárkányi wanted to ask a few questions from Gergely Gulyas, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, but the government spokesperson did not let him and stopped him after the second topic,” the Hungarian RTL Klub television channel wrote on its website and also published a short video to bolster the claim. This was picked up by leftist liberal media and went viral.

On Friday, Alexandra Szentkiralyi refuted RTL’s claim on her social media, revealing that the television channel stated falsehood about the government briefing and only published a short excerpt from the weekly press conference. The government spokesperson wrote, “Since time is finite for all of us, it is appropriate to set a timeframe for all press conferences, just as for programs, and even working hours. The government’s press briefings have a two-hour time limit which is not tight at all.” Alexandra Szentkiralyi added that

at the last presser, after the eighth question by RTL Klub’s reporter, she indicated that there were other journalists who should also be given the opportunity, as their questions were just as important as that of the RTL Klub’s. Since then she has read in several places that “RTL’s reporter could only ask a single question at the government’s press conference” or that “the government spokesperson throttled RTL’s correspondent at the government’s presser”, “Verbal spat at government press briefing – RTL’s reporter blocked from asking questions”. “By contrast, in reality RTL’s colleague asked a total of 11 questions,

the spokeswoman recalled what had happened during the press briefing, and provided a link to the full footage where RTL’s reporter is seen asking his questions.



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