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If you don't want Islam here, why did you bring us here?

A muslim woman was instigating a violent riot with a burning torch in her hand in response to the earlier Quran-burning in Malmo. Police are currently investigating the incident.

A 58-year-old Muslim woman was instigating a violent riot in Malmo. The video shot at the scene shows the woman was stirring up the crowd with a burning torch in her hand and, in addition to calling the police and the Swedes dogs, she was shouting "if you don't want Islam here, why did you bring us here, dogs?"

The woman accuses the police that by arresting the protesters and taking them away from the scene, as the woman put it, they basically protected the anti-Islamic activist group which burned a copy of the Quran in public. The Muslim lady believes that if someone burns a copy of the Quran, the police have no right to protect them. According to Malmo police chief Mattias Sigfridsson, the search is still underway for the organisers of the riot. Authorities have so far identified 15 people, who set fire to cars, smashed bus stations and attacked police.

In Malmo, anti-Islamic actions have long been ongoing, which reached a peak a few weeks ago, when a radical activist group intended to protest against the spread of the Muslim religion in Sweden with burning a copy of the Quran. However, after announcing the demonstration, the organisers received so many death threats that the police had to ban the event, because they could not guarantee the participants' safety.

Later, the Danish anti-Islamic party Stram Kurs kept its promise and went ahead with the Quran-burning in Rinkeby, while Rasmus Paludan, the party's leader of Swedish-Danish descent, also announced that the event was just one in a series of similar events. SamhallsNytt reports regularly on anti-Islamic demonstrations in Sweden. They had also shared a video of the Rinkeby event on YouTube, however, it was removed by the video-sharing platform shortly afterwards.

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