Irish revolt over migration pressure

In Ireland, the ongoing protests against the continuing influx of migrants threaten to escalate. The fate of many Irish people is uncertain.


The stabbing of schoolchildren in Dublin by a migrant, which occurred a few weeks ago, has triggered violent protests against the Irish government’s liberal migration policy. Immigration continues to be a major concern, keeping tensions high in the country. In December, for instance, an empty hotel in Rosscahill, County Galway, in western Ireland, was set on fire shortly before it was due to house almost 100 asylum seekers. Tensions have also flared up in the small town of Roscrea in central Ireland.

Recently, when the owners of the only local hotel, Racket Hall, announced a twelve-month contract to accommodate asylum seekers in their 40-room, four-star establishment, protests erupted. The plan aimed to reserve 160 beds for migrants.

Within hours of the announcement, hundreds of protesters gathered to block the hotel. Due to the days-long demonstration, police have only managed to allow 17 migrants into the hotel through a safe corridor.

We have children at home who are afraid to go out on the street or see their friends at night because they find these people intimidating,

– complained one parent, quoted by the German Junge Freiheit newspaper.



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