Janez Jansa: Soros s dirty money will ruin democracy

"Stay away from the EU and Europe", Slovenian PM Janes Janza wrote, addressing his words to George Soros. He pointed out that the speculator s money is the "strongest generator of conflicts on the continent," undermining trust between people and democracy.


“Whether political elites in the west understand the political reality of the post-communist states is a serious question,” Slovenian PM Janez Jansa said.

He pointed out that the introduction of the rule of law mechanism clearly shows that Western decision-makers just don t get it. “There are still judges active in the Slovenian judicial system who drastically violated human rights and fundamental freedoms under the communist regime,” Mr Jansa said. He added the people who issued death sentences for civilians during the regime and helped to steal the 2014 elections continue to occupy important positions in the state apparatus, posing a serious threat.

“But this is not all. The violators of human rights are publicly threatening that, in the event of the much-needed reforms that would merely set our judicial system on an independent footing, they will call for help from the EU.” The prime minister recalled that the erupting memories of communism were not accidental, because those who experienced communism had a better insight into the news of Western “friendship,” because they knew that freedom was easy to lose, difficult to regain, and remembered slavery as former members of the “Socialist states community.”

Mr Jansa also reacted to a recent post by George Soros, which suggests that the EU has failed to take a strong enough stance against a veto by Poland and Hungary. Stay away from the EU and Europe, please. Your dirty money for so called NGOs is the strongest generator of conflicts on the continent, destroying trust among people and democracy. One Brexit has been enough. (The) EU needs recovery and stability. Chancellor Merkel did a good job”, PM Jansa wrote.



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