Leftist shadow government's education minister beats up woman and husband

Disgraced ex-PM Ferenc Gyurcsany's "shadow government" has put one of their former MPs, a man once convicted of vandalism, in charge of the left wing's education policy, which clearly casts a shadow on the credibility of leftist arguments in debates concerning public education.


The fact that the shadow government formed by ex-PM Ferenc Gyurcsany’s wife appointed someone previously convicted of vandalism as its “education minister” is another telltale sign of the gravity of the Hungarian left wing’s ideas on education policy. “Shadow minister” Balazs Barkoczi, now a spokesman and MP in Mr Gyurcsany’s DK party and a former secondary school teacher was – in a legally binding ruling in 2009 – sentenced to pay a fine as the local government representative of a town named Isaszeg, delegated by the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), writes the Origo news portal.

One of the plaintiffs, Mrs F. S, testified that on 3 April, 2006, Balazs Barkoczi broke into the backyard of her house in Isaszeg. He threatened her and then beat both her and her husband. The current shadow minister of the DK party committed the crime together with two other men, one of whom was Barkoczi’s relative, a police officer.

The third convict was also a Socialist politician, just like Mr Barkoczi, who held a high position in a Pest county municipality from the autumn of 2006.

According to Mrs F.S.’s opinion, Mr Barkoczi and the two other men threatened her with an “iron-tipped stick” and pushed her. She said they could have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is what she testified in terms of their precise motives: “From what they were yelling, I concluded that they wanted to threaten and beat us, because in a previous case, the committee had arrived at a a decision that they didn’t like”.

Strangely enough, Balazs Barkoczi’s accomplice, who worked as a police officer, received both a praise and a reward from the police chief in 2008 and 2009, between the first- and second-degree court rulings, even though he received two reprimands before the violent incident in Isaszeg in 2006. This raises the question whether it was the political background of RB (the officer’s initials) – who had excellent ties to MSZP through his accomplices – that prompted the police chief to issue a praise and reward, which the court would consider as a mitigating circumstance.

During this time period, Balazs Barkoczi was an MSZP delegate in Isaszeg’s municipal assembly, while the third accused served in the small town as the Socialist party’s deputy mayor.

Back then, Hungary’s government was headed by PM Ferenc Gyurcsany, who was also an active MSZP member at the time. Although there is no proof that the police chief’s praise and reward were politically motivated, police were clearly under close political control between 2006 and 2010, as evidenced by their brutal actions in stifling mass protests in the autumn of 2006.

The shadow government’s education minister boasting a misdemeanor conviction is a perfect choice in terms of the expectations of today’s international globalist Left: he’s an ally of Mr Gyurcsany and the ex-PM’s circles, an advocate of George Soros’s open society and a supporter of aggressive LGBTQ lobbyists. He’s also attacked the government’s scheme to cut household utility bills and considers the issue of border protection irrelevant.



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