Migrants beat and rob Swedish teens – video

Recently, a gang of migrant children has lured a 12-year-old boy into the woods where they beat him and stole his valuables. Violent crime committed by migrants is on the rise.

WORLD MAY 17. 2022 14:47

The victim of the latest attack was a 12-year-old boy. The young teen met a friend in front of a shop in Söderbron, who lured him into the nearby forest, saying he wanted to show him something. Once in they reached the woods, four other boys appeared and told the boy to hand them his phone and electric bike and they forced him to the ground. When he resisted, the gang began punching and kicking him, and eventually robbed him. A member of the migrant gang recorded the attack on video.

Police later identified the attackers, none of whom were more than 13 years old. Besides police, the prosecution and education institutions were also involved in the investigation. A decision on the gang’s punishment is expected in the coming weeks, but because of their age, they will not be sent behind bars.

An increasing number of similar crimes are committed in Sweden by immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, who rob and beat up young people simply for being Swedish. There are several videos about gangs of migrants beating up Swedish people. The video below shows two assailants kicking a boy several times, with another person filming the whole incident. Later, the attackers force the boy to kiss their shoes.

The migrants also took the boy’s mobile phone and coat. The voices recorded suggest that the gang surrounding the boy has at least 4 members, with some of whom laughing as they humiliate the boy.

In another incident, a 18-year-old boy became a victim of a brutal attack, which the assailants also recorded on video.

There are other videos on the internet similar to the one below, which, however, stands out with its brutality. The recording shows as young migrants shove a gun into a child’s mouth and then force him to dance.



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