Migrants enjoy preferential treatment in distribution of benefits

Last year’s data suggests that the majority of grants and benefits were received by illegal immigrants in Milan, according to MEP Silvia Sardone of the right-wing Lega party.

POLITICS MAY 1. 2021 10:01

The majority of the aid granted and distributed by the Milan City Hall went to migrants last year, according to statistics.

MEP Silvia Sardone of the Lega party said that the data published by the municipality “clearly illustrates the anti-Italian character of the Milanese left.”

The data also reveals that a total of 1,800 families, both Italians and immigrants, were granted support in 2020. The number of applications submitted by foreign families has more than doubled, compared to 2019. Out of the accepted aid requests of 770 families, 692 were filed by non-Italians.”

Regarding state benefits provided for families with a disabled person, data shows that in 2019, the Milan City Hall granted support to 127 applications, 32 of which were submitted by Italian and 95 by illegal immigrants. In 2020, however 1,200 families received some type of benefit, 136 of which were Italian, and 1064 foreign.

The number of immigrants receiving income support has also increased tenfold in just one year. “Why are Italians considered second-class citizens in their own city?” the politician asked, adding that the mayor should give an explanation to the people of Milan.

The published figures are a clear reflection of the ideology propagated by city s left-wing leadership, the MEP said.

“This is real racism, discrimination against Italians, which is part of the municipality s social policy,” she said.

She added that a decisive and clear change of the system is necessary, which she believed could only be created by a coalition between centre-right parties.



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