Millionaire MP wants Europeans to tighten belts

Millionaire MP wants Europeans to tighten belts

While millions of Europeans are struggling under the weight of war-induced inflation and the energy crisis caused by sanctions against Russia, Guy Verhofstadt is demanding more and more sanctions from the warmth of his cozy, luxurious home. In his asset declaration, however, he forgot to boast about his comfortable lifestyle.


The MEP, a vocal advocate of fairness and transparency, does not consider these values binding for himself.

As previously reported by V4NA, although MEPs are required to submit an asset declaration, they are not obliged to declare any assets in the document. The main „advocate” of transparency, Guy Verhofstadt, has failed to declare his assets when he was leader of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament. He tried to conceal his wealth, which, as it has since become clear, is astounding.


While millions of Europeans have to tighten their belts because of soaring inflation and energy prices, the liberal politician is demanding even tougher sanctions against Russia from the comfort of his luxury home. Sanctions that could further exacerbate the situation for Europeans.

As V4NA has found out,

Mr Verhofstadt lives in a beautifully refurbished 17th-century riverside heritage building in central Ghent, Belgium. It also turned out that the politician used handsome amounts of public money for the renovation of his home.

He and his family bought the listed building – in which he still lives – in 2011 for one and a half million euros, together with two other families, press reports suggest. According to an article by Knack, in 2012,

the cost of the renovation of the Verhofstadt residence was estimated at around 820,000 euros, but almost half of this was paid for by Belgian taxpayers.

To cover his renovation costs, the ex-prime minister received substantial funding from the Flemish government, the province of East Flanders and the city of Ghent, totalling 327,784 euros, the Knack news portal writes. No wonder he was so secretive when filing his asset declaration document.



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