Milorad Dodik would suspend Bosnia-NATO cooperation

Milorad Dodik would suspend Bosnia-NATO cooperation

As long as the conflict in Ukraine exists, all joint military drills of Bosnia's armed forces with foreign troops must be suspended, said the president of Republika Sprska. Despite pressure from the West, Milorad Dodik insists on his position of not introducing sanctions against Russia. The US embassy in Sarajevo accused the Serb politician of separatism.


Bosnian Serbs want to make their own decisions

During their meeting, Milorad Dodik called on Zeljka Cvijanovicot, the current chairwoman of the country’s presidency, to cease joint military exercises conducted by the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and NATO. Cooperation should be suspended while the conflict in Ukraine persists, and the suspension should also apply to other countries, said the president of Republika Sprska.

Western countries are urging Bosnia to introduce sanctions against Russia, Mr Dodik stated.

„They want us to ask no questions, we should just follow their policy, but we don’t want subjugation,” the politician underlined.

Republika Sprska does not want to align with either side, Mr Dodik pointed out.

„We want to decide about issues that concern us. I don’t bring decisions about issues that concern Great Britain or the US, and I don’t want them to make decisions for us,” the president added.

US ambassador openly threatens – US won’t tolerate new conflicts

The United States, as it has for almost 30 years, will act to protect Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) territorial integrity, sovereignty, and multi-ethnic character, the US Embassy in Sarajevo wrote in a statement, adding, however, that Milorad Dodik’s separatist rhetoric and threats to secede from Bosnia-Herzegovina are irresponsible, dangerous, and detrimental to the integration of the country into Euro-Atlantic institutions.

„There is no right under Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constitution for an entity or any other sub-state unit to secede, and the United States will not remain idle if Milorad Dodik acts to spark another conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the US Embassy’s statement reads.

As regards Milorad Dodik’s threat that he will cease cooperation with NATO, the embassy also described it as unacceptable.

President Dodik: US Embassy operates as an opposition party

The president of Republica Sprska responded immediately to US Ambassador Michael Murphy’s statements.

„This private war that Murphy is waging against me does not honour him, nor the United States, which should know what Murphy is doing in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Dodik told the Srna news agency.

He added that the American diplomat „is not an interpreter of the Constitution of Bosnia-Herzegovina, nor of the Dayton Agreement.”

„Without the consent of the Republika Srpska, there will be no cooperation with anyone, not even with NATO, if it is against the interests of Republika Srpska,” said Dodik.

Murphy has practically turned the US Embassy into an opposition party, with the sole task of commenting on the statements of the ruling parties. With his daily press releases, he humiliates the country he represents, the Bosnian Serb president emphasised.



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