More details unveiled about Weber's plan

More details unveiled about Weber's plan

Weber's plan to reinstate compulsory conscription in the European Union is to be implemented right after the new European Parliament and the new Commission have been set up.

POLITICS MAY 24. 2024 14:47

Although it is dubbed Weber’s plan, the proposition under discussion is in fact linked to Emmanuel Macron and his circles, our source in Brussels says.

As early as in 2018, the French president spoke about a plan for a European army directly under Brussels’ authority.

V4NA’s source, who knows Weber closely, had a good laugh at the fact that this proposal is now referred to as Weber’s plan, because, as he put it, Manfred Weber would hardly come up with such comprehensive ideas on his own.

Several elements in Weber’s plan can be traced to Macron and his circles. However, after Macron’s war-related statement, the French have realized that such utterances greatly damage the French president’s popularity, and so they let the Germans have the plan.

The introduction of compulsory conscription is expected to spark a serious debate as the move will be unpopular in most countries because the vast majority of people do not want to go to war. Perhaps this is why the issue has been raised during the campaign period in a bid to get people used to the idea. Manfred Weber spoke about his plan on a show on BR24 television.

There is another sensitive point in Weber’s plan: Brusselites do not want their family members to be affected by the measure, so they want to make sure that a well-defined possibility of exemptions exists.

Officially, all we know about the draft so far is what Manfred Weber himself disclosed on BR24.




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