Motorists: Brussels' oil embargo plan "brutal, unaffordable" – video

Freighters are horrified, but even the EU's average motorists would be unable to put up with the brutal price hikes caused by Brussels' oil embargo plan. If the sanctions were introduced, petrol and diesel prices in Hungary would instantly increase to 700 and 800 forints, respectively. Drivers are generally outraged, as evidenced by several interviews filmed by Hungary's HirTV and compiled by the Mediaworks News Center.

WORLD MAY 6. 2022 09:44

„I’m speechless,” a motorist responds to Hungary’s commercial HirTV, when told that the introduction of a complete Russian oil embargo would hike petrol and diesel prices in Hungary to 700 and 800 forints, respectively. Another motorist simply described these exorbitant prices as horrible. Inflation is really high, he said, adding that – as a result – people do not have the money to buy such expensive fuel and that he can only hope that the Russian oil embargo will not be introduced.

„What can I say? This is unaffordable,” responds a female driver, angrily. Another interviewee complained that most people would be unable to pay so much for fuel, if prices were to increase so drastically in Hungary.



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