Only kids can decide their gender, says renowned movie star

Only kids can decide their gender, says renowned movie star

Tatiana Maslany, the star of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk series, has criticised parents who don't let their children decide their own gender.

WORLD JULY 8. 2024 12:12

Maslany criticised a Canadian province after authorities enacted an education law, known as the Parent’s Bill of Rights, that requires schools to notify parents if they observe gender confusion in a child, including if the child wants to use special pronouns in class. The rules also prevent schools from promoting or advertising transgenderism in classes, without the explicit consent of the parents.

Left-wing activists are naturally furious about the bill, and Maslany, a well-known LGBTQ activist, spoke out against the legislation at Canada’s Walk of Fame event. Participants there demanded that the school withdraw what they see as a scandalous regulation.

In her statements to the press last week, Maslany insisted that parents should not be allowed to impose standards on their own children.

„It should not be in the control of parents how a child identifies. That isn’t a parent’s place, it’s an overreach,”

– she was reported by CTV News as saying. Marvel Studios’ actress, known for her superhero movies, went on to make a strong case that parents have no rights over their children.

„Children have rights. Children are human beings who have knowledge and who know themselves and we should be taking cues from them. In so many ways, we should be taking cues from them. Listening to them, empowering them to know who they are and to name that. It’s their right. It’s not the parent’s right,”

– she said. As part of her induction into Canada’s Hall of Fame, Maslany received $10,000 to donate to a charity or cause of her choice. She chose Lulu’s Lodge, a five-bedroom facility that helps trans and gay youth facing homelessness issues.




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