PM Orban consults economic chamber on relaunching economy

"They are feisty, they want reopening," Hungary s prime minister said, commenting on his talks with the representatives of the economic chamber on restarting the economy.


The representatives of the chamber want to reopen shops and services and want “life in general to return to normal”, Viktor Orban said.

“And they are right,” he added, emphasizing that “they also need to understand that saving lives is a top priority. We will not be able to begin reopening until all of our compatriots aged over 65 – who had signed up for the jab – have been vaccinated, because their lives are at risk”.

MAny of the chamber s proposals to introduce more rational and specified regulations have been accepted, PM Orban said.

The chamber s proposals included replacing the general shop closures with restricting the number of customers per square metre, applying separate rules to big shopping centres and introducing specific regulatory elements needed for relaunching services.

All these proposals will be discussed by the government, Viktor Orban said.



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