PM Orban: Hungary is an incubator for testing the conservative politics of the future

PM Orban: Hungary is an incubator for testing the conservative politics of the future

Hungary is an incubator where we are testing the conservative politics of the future; Hungary is the place where defeating the progressive liberals and taking a conservative, Christian political turn were not only topics of discussion, but indeed took place, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest on Thursday.

POLITICS MAY 4. 2023 15:18

I welcome the defenders of the free world in Budapest, Viktor Orban began his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest on Thursday. Hungary’s prime minister extended special greeting to Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babis, and former Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet reports.

The conservative world gathering in Budapest in the spring has become our good habit, Hungary’s premier said. How did the Hungarians gain membership in such a prestigious club, PM Orban asked. In his view, there can only be one reason for this:

Hungary is an incubator where we are testing the conservative politics of the future.

Here, we are not only talking about defeating the progressive liberals, but we indeed did it, said Viktor Orban, adding that Hungary was in a terrible situation at the time of the takeover in 2010, but conservative politics have helped the country recover. Only conservative politics can help where liberals have ruined a country, he pointed out.

Until 2015, no one in the world was interested in the Hungarians’ success, we were not famous. The Hungarians owe their success to George Soros: we would have never made the headlines in news reports across the world if Mr Soros had not launched his immigration scheme, Hungary’s prime minister said. As he put it, George Soros and his allies flooded the Balkans with illegal migrants and built human smuggling routes, but Hungary blocked the way.

We brought illegal migration to a halt and protected our homeland,

PM Orban underlined. At the same time, he highlighted that if we want to protect our country, we must also enter into intellectual and ideological battles, because this battlefield is an important area for liberals. We had no desire for world fame, yet we received it, as we stood up against the liberals.

We must defend ourselves because the globalist elite wants to force their will on us. We are all under attack now,

he emphasized. The nation is the great invention of the West, he said, adding that, however, if nations disappear, then the possibility of a free life will be lost and the West will fall.

People without a home country can never be free,

he underlined. If the destruction of nations is successful, then the Western world will be destroyed, he said. The ideal of nations is our special Western heritage, Hungary’s premier said, and went on to recall the three-day visit of the Holy Father. Last year, the CPAC and the head of the Catholic Church came to Hungary six months apart, this year it was only a week, he said. „Maybe next year the Pope will come to the event,” he remarked.

PM Orban also said that the West is in a bad position both economically and demographically. It is still quite strong as far as military power is concerned, but if it falls behind in all areas, the number of military conflicts will increase in the future. We have only ourselves to blame for all this, he said. He opined that when the left unleashed its virus on the world, many conservatives said that the anti-national virus was nothing but a fugitive from a lab. This virus has been bred, with migration, gender, woke being only its sub-variants.

The woke movement and gender ideology are like communism and Marxism: they artificially divide different groups and thus the nation,

he pointed out.

The Hungarian conservative experiment is successful because we can recognise Marxists from many miles away, and even from a distance, from the smell, Mr Orban stated. „They were sitting on our necks. They preach that class is more important than nation and precedes belonging to a nation. I lived under Marxist oppression for twenty-six years. There was a joke in those days that absolute class struggle is when the cat of the party headquarters chases away the mouse of it,” the premier said, adding that where class struggle rears its ugly head, peaceful, cooperative countries become a scene of unrest, leaving nothing but unrelenting hostility.

The prime minister also spoke of the dangers of progressive policies, stressing that progressive foreign policies cause chaos and confusion. Mr Orban stressed that he was sure that if Donald Trump were US president, there would be no war in Ukraine.

Return, Mr President, and bring us peace!

he stressed. Progressives are pressuring others to speak out about their views on gender policy and the LGBTQ movements, and if you disagree, you will be ostracised, Mr Orban emphasized. In Brussels, these progressive forces must now be stopped from taking away the right of nation states to formulate their own foreign policies, he added. The good news is that there is a conservative shift under way in Europe, with conservative victories in Italy and Israel, and promising elections in Spain, but the situation is also looking good for our Polish friends. And then, we can drain the swamp in Brussels when the European Parliament elections come. There is no need to look any further for an antidote to the progressive virus, Hungary has the vaccine.

All that is needed is to write on the banner before the election: no migration, no gender, no war!

PM Orban said. „Brussels and Washington are still in the hands of the liberals, so let us make sure that we take them too”, he said, concluding his speech.



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