PM Orban: Hungary must remain functional

Hungary s pandemic defence must be based on consensus, but we cannot allow the virus to paralyse the functioning of the country, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. The Hungarian premier stressed that nearly two million people have returned the national consultation questionnaire, which shows that Hungarians want effective defence without disruptions in everyday life.


“We cannot allow the coronavirus to paralyse the country again”, Prime Minister Orban said in an interview with Hungary s public radio, as well as in a video shared on his social media. Mr Orban called it paramount to prevent people s everyday life and the economy from drawing to a halt, and to keep the country s pandemic defence effective.

Viktor Orban said the government continued to place great emphasis on people s opinion, as no one can be smart enough alone. That s why the fact that nearly two million Hungarians have already filled out the national consultation questionnaire regarding the first lessons of the coronavirus epidemic is a great achievement, he said. The government wants to find out what Hungarians think of the defence measures, and their opinions will be taken into account during the next phase of the pandemic.

The cabinet has a strategic plan for the second wave, primarily based on the results of the national consultation survey and reports compiled by experts, the prime minister said. Our goal now is to protect Hungary s functionality, Mr Orban said, adding that government applies two filters during its decision-making process. The first is focused on how to protect the lives of Hungarian people, while the second on how to protect the economy.



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