PM Orban: I like it when cultures meet and play

I like it when cultures meet and play in a single sport, according to the same rules, the Hungarian prime minister told journalist at the Qatar World Cup.

POLITICS DECEMBER 14. 2022 11:44

Regarding the football World Cup held in Qatar, Hungary’s prime minister said he was trying to follow the matches from home, noting, however, that this was sometimes difficult as he had to work during the day, and so he only had time to do so late at night.

He highlighted that the Qatar football World Cup is not only spectacular, but also exciting. At the same time, Viktor Orban said he very much appreciates the organisation of the event and the fact that Qatar had decided to spend money on hosting the entire world.

It is important that the football World Cup is being held in an Arab country, he added.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do he said, pointing out that it is very good that an Arab country is hosting the world which must therefore respect the local customs and mentality.

This is important not only for football, but also from the perspective of understanding different views of life, he said.



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