PM Orban: May the festival bring joy, love and peace to the world

In a letter sent to the leaders of Hungary's Jewish organisations, PM Viktor Orban greeted members of the Hungarian Jewish community on the occasion of the forthcoming Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

POLITICS DECEMBER 16. 2022 17:08

Every year, the flames of the candles lit out of respect for the ancestors and with hope for the future profess the victory of light over darkness, Hungary’s prime minister wrote in the message delivered on Friday.

Now, as the war being waged in our immediate neighbourhood and its economic impacts cast a shadow on our daily lives, we yearn for the miracle that the festival can offer even more profoundly.

Therefore, my wish is this: may the celebrations during the period of Hanukkah also bring peace to the world in addition to joy and love,” PM Orban wrote.



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