PM Orban receives international geopolitical analyst George Friedman

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday received George Friedman, an internationally renowned US geopolitical strategist of Hungarian descent, the PM's press chief Bertalan Havasi told Hungary's state news agency (MTI).

POLITICS JUNE 27. 2022 15:06

The meeting was also attended by Culture and Innovation Minister Janos Csak and the PM’s Political Director Balazs Orban. George Friedman also presented his new book Storm Before the Calm, published in Hungary by MCC Press.

At Monday’s meeting, they discussed the latest developments in the prolonged war in Ukraine and the serious economic crisis it has triggered.

George Friedman was born in Budapest to Jewish parents. His family emigrated first to Austria and then to the United States, fleeing the Communist regime. Mr Friedman has served as a consultant to a number of military and government agencies around the world. From 1996 to 2015, he was chairman of Stratfor, the private intelligence firm and geopolitical think tank he founded. Since leaving Stratfor, he has been running Geopolitical Futures, an analysis portal with a similar profile, which he also founded. His works have been translated into more than twenty languages and many of his books are available also in Hungarian.



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