PM Orban to Poland: National sovereignty still in struggle with imperial aspirations

In a letter Hungarian PM Viktor Orban greeted his Polish counterpart, Mateusz Morawiecki, and the Polish nation on 3 May, marking the anniversary of the contry s constitution adopted in 1791, PM Orban s press chief told Hungary s state news agency (MTI) on Monday.

POLITICS MAY 3. 2021 15:43

In his letter Hungary s prime minister emphasized that 3 May, 1791, is commemorated not only as a turning point in the history of the Polish state, but also that of Europe. The constitution of 3 May gave hope to all the nations of the continent as it showed the Polish nation a way out of the suffocating grip of the great European empires by strengthening the rights of citizenship, the Christian social order and the foundations of the national idea, Viktor Orban said.

He added that although 230 years have passed since the adoption of the constitution, its message still resonates today. National sovereignty is still at a conflict with imperial aspirations, and our goal today is to preserve a Europe based on strong and free nations against the aspirations of great powers.



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