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"Poland is not for sale"

Poles are fully aware that the future of their country is at stake in the current debate, the country's deputy justice minister said in an interview. He stressed that although the EU is trying to persuade them to legalise, for instance, same-sex marriages in exchange for money, Poland is not for sale.

The European Union has long moved away from the values which it was founded upon, Polish deputy Justice Minister Michal Wojcik told Rzeczpospolita in a recent in an interview. Wojcik said the absurdity of some EU measures, such as trying to define the curvature of bananas, has been a laughing stock for years. The absurdity is still there, he noted, adding that the subject matter now is much more serious.

According to the politician, the EU now wants to influence the legal system of Poland. They want to allow same-sex marriages and remove religion from the public sector, in exchange for money. However, Poland is not for sale, Wojcik said. Although EU membership is a value, no one has agreed to the violation of the EU treaties and Poland's Constitution.

The future of the country is being decided upon, the politician said. Poles are aware of this, as evidenced by a survey, which suggests that 57 per cent of people support the country's veto, rather than relinquishing sovereignty, the deputy justice minister pointed out.

The rule of law mechanism is not based on legal systems, which is the greatest weakness of the scheme, Michal Wojcik said, adding that he already stated in a legal opinion that the regulation to be introduced was in conflict with EU law. Nevertheless, western member states have decided to stick to the illegal document.

Poland's deputy justice minister also drew attention to a false idea shared by many that Poland is only a recipient of EU funds and therefore has no right to veto. This could not be farther from the truth, Michal Wojcik stressed.

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