Police investigate scaremongering text messages

The text of the scaremongering messages and the title of the leftist politician's press conference scheduled for Friday are almost identical.


Hungarian consumers have received a significant volume of scaremongering text messages designed to persuade them to withdraw their money and savings from financial institutions as soon as possible.

“Withdraw your money from the bank quickly and keep it in a safe at home, otherwise it will by stolen by villains,” reads the text message.

The perpetrators are presumably trying to prepare another attack against the (Hungarian) forint.

Laszlo Varju, a politician of the opposition DK party, held a press conference on Friday afternoon under an eerily similar title to the text of the above message, which reinforces the general suspicion that the action has been orchestrated by the so-called Dollar Left.

It is also important to note that the messages are spreading in similar circles than the text messages sent out en masse by the Dollar Left during this year’s general election campaign.

It is worth recalling that a joint investigation conducted by service providers and authorities has revealed that the text messaging campaign was ordered – through an intermediary company – by an Austria-based subsidiary of former PM Gordon Bajnai’s DatAdat group, which provided the huge database necessary for the operation. Since then, it has emerged that the billions needed for the Left’s campaign were sent and channelled from the US to the DatAdat group of companies.

As the current text messages have been sent to a similar circle of recipients, it cannot be ruled out that the same illegally obtained database is being used to carry out the operation.

The fact that police have reportedly ordered an investigation into scaremongering with immediate effect clearly indicated the gravity of the case.

Mate Kocsis, parliamentary group leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, also commented on the case. „These allegations are untrue and severely violate the interests of the country and the Hungarian citizens. Also, spreading fake news for the purpose of scaremongering is a criminal act, into which the police have already launched an investigation,” the politician wrote on his social media, reflecting on news reports concerning the savings of Hungarian citzens.

There are clear and visible signs of preparations against the forint from multiple directions, to which Hungary’s Dollar Left also provides tangible assistance,
he added. MP Laszlo Varju from the Democratic Coalition (DK) called a press conference to confirm this today (Friday, 9 December 2022) at 1:00 pm, Mr Kocsis wrote. The topic of the press briefing, as announced, will be to spread the above-mentioned falsehoods and prepare their speculation against the forint.
In his post published before the press briefing, Mate Kocsis emphasized: „as the leader of the largest parliamentary group, I would like to make it completely clear that if Laszlo Varju holds a press conference on this topic, further disseminates the dangerous fake news and provides help for an attack against the forint, we will immediately initiate criminal proceedings against him and the media surfaces relaying his statements. I would also like to make it clear that in this case I will initiate the removal of Laszlo Varju from all parliamentary positions today. What the representative intends to cross at 1 pm is called a ‘red line.’ Anyone who, in a premeditated manner, spreads falsehoods and engages in scaremongering in the service of foreign interests, thereby taking part in an attack against the Hungarian currency, can be sure that he will also have to lives with all the consequences prescribed by criminal law, and cannot hold office in the Hungarian Parliament.”



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