Polish elections will determine EU's future

In his opinion piece, the right-wing Spanish VOX party's lawmaker argued that Poland will hold decisive parliamentary elections in the foreseeable future.


Poland will hold parliamentary elections on 15 October, pitting the country’s left-wing forces – led by Donald Tusk – against a right-wing bloc led by the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS). The importance of this election is shown by the fact that both Brussels and the Germans are trying to influence the campaign, because the Polish government led by PM Mateusz Morawiecki is, just like the Hungarian cabinet, unwilling to bow to the efforts of Brussels bureaucrats to bring the powers of member states under one central control.

„The upcoming Polish elections in October will determine the future of Europe, together with the European Parliament elections in June,”

– writes Hermann Tertsch, an influential conservative MEP for Vox, in an opinion piece published by the El Debate paper. He adds that Poland has become an economic success story over the past decade, coupled with social stability, even despite political polarisation, a war on its borders and hostility within the EU institutions.

Mr Tertsch describes Poland as the „guiding force of the conservative revolution” because, in addition to its economic, social and cultural achievements, the country has also become an important factor in the defence and security of the West.

He notes that the changes began well before the war, but the conflict in Ukraine has led to Poland becoming America’s main ally in Europe and the natural leader of nations within the EU that reject what he described as the „ailing Franco-German axis.” He said he was convinced that the old system, in which Germany and France controlled the European Commission and imposed their will on the other member states, will not return.

Mr Tertsch believes that the forthcoming elections in Poland are crucial for the future of Europe as a whole, and that the result will resolve a huge dilemma that Europe’s centre right has faced since the end of the Second World War. He believes that the alliance with the socialists, who control Europe, has steered the centre right towards a type of progressivism that is hostile to the sovereignty of nation states and economic growth, but open to social engineering, radical environmentalism and climate alarmism.



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