Prosecution questions socialist politician as suspect

Hungarian Socialist Party MP Csaba Toth was questioned as a suspect by the Central Investigations Office, the prosecutor's office announced on Friday. The general prosecutor is investigating corruption offenses regarding the paid parking system in Budapest's 14th district.

POLITICS MARCH 11. 2022 15:58

The Prosecutor General’s Office searched for and seized potential evidence in the extensive investigation of Csaba Toth today, and then questioned the member of parliament as a suspect, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Friday, which also recapped that

In 2016 Mr Toth – MP for Budapest’s 14th district – and his partner were looking for a company to operate Zuglo’s (14th district of Budapest – ed.) planned parking payment system, from which they claimed half the profits.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the suspect denied committing the crimes he was accused of and filed a complaint against the accusation.

In the ongoing investigation for the crime of influence peddling and other offences, the Prosecutor General’s Office has so far questioned four persons as suspects, including the MP.

The Socialist MP’s immunity was suspended by Parliament on Thursday.



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