Real assassination attempt against Putin would trigger World War

Real assassination attempt against Putin would trigger World War

There is no chance that the most protected man in the world would be liquidated with such a cheap solution as the Ukrainians are talking about, Jozsef Horvath, a security policy advisor at the Center for Fundamental Rights told the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet. The US have also not advised attacks against Russian persons, as they could lead to an escalation of the war, Mr Horvath added.

POLITICS APRIL 28. 2023 15:23

The Ukrainians used a modern reconnaissance drone to try and assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday afternoon, a report in the German newspaper Bild suggests, quoting Ukrainian activist Yuri Romanenko, who is said to have close links with Kyiv’s intelligence services.

The Ukrainians received information that Putin was travelling to the Rudnevo industrial park, Mr Romanenko revealed.

“Our kamikaze drone took off, flew through all the air defences of the Russian Federation and crashed not far from the industrial park,”

the activist claimed, adding that the drone was carrying 30 pieces of explosives, totalling 17 kilograms. Although several drones have indeed been found in the Moscow area recently, no explosive devices have been discovered near any of the wreckage.

Explosives can be mounted on practically any drone, even homemade ones, but „it is unlikely that a drone attack could be successful against the world’s most heavily guarded person,” Jozsef Horvath, a security policy expert, told Magyar Nemzet.

It is also worth noting that, in order to control the UJ-22 drone, the pilot has to be within 100 kilometres. Outside that range, the drone can only fly „offline”, that is, without control, meaning that anything could happen and therefore the drone poses a serious threat to innocent citizens.

Mr Horvath recalled that, although in recent months the Ukrainians had repeatedly said that they would carry out attacks against Russian persons and objects of symbolic significance in the world, the allies did not give their approval.

In this regard, they also leaked information that the Americans had dissuaded them from carrying out such attacks, given that it would lead to an escalation of the war, especially in the case of an assassination attempt carried out against President Putin,

the security policy advisor for the Fundamental Rights Center told the Hungarian daily.

As it became apparent recently, a world war could erupt should a state arrest the Russian president in accordance with the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC). A few weeks ago, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy president of the Russian Federation’s Security Council, responded on Russian media to the hypothetical scenario of, for example, Germany complying with and executing the ICC’s warrant. At the time, Mr Medvedev said there are some idiot imbeciles, such as the Germany’s justice minister, who says „If he comes here, we will arrest him”. The sitting leader of a nuclear power goes to German territory and get arrested. What is this? A declaration of war on the Russian Federation, Mr Medvedev said at the time.



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