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Senior citizens try to stop BLM protesters - videos

BLM demonstrations in Portland have turned aggressive yet again. Several local residents, mostly senior citizens, attempted to dissuade protesters from committing violent acts, but the activists simply sprinked them with paint and engaged in a fiece shouting match.

BLM activists have staged an illegal gathering and then attacked the arriving police officers. Protesters set fire to garbage pails on their way to Portland's east police precinct, which had been barricaded in front of them. Police were finally able to disperse the illegal crowd with smoke grenades, pepper spray and by puncturing the tires of a vehicle used by the demonstrators.

The riots were also spotted by the local community and several elderly residents took to the streets to try and calm down the protesters. A lady with a walking frame, also holding a BLM sign, tried to persuade an activist hitting the wooden barricades of the precinct to stop, and she also attempted to extinguish the fires in the garbage pails.

A video shows another lady who also tried to talk to the protesters, but she was sprinkled with paint and wrapped in a cordon tape while protesters kept yelling that this was no longer her world.

Portland Tribune also reported that although BLM had enjoyed widespread support among locals at the outset, a 72-year-old nearby resident interviewed by the paper thought the movement had spiralled "out of hand."

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