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Skimping on police budget leads to alarming crime stats

The city council has cut one billion dollars from the New York Police Department's budget, while statistics show that the number of homicides has increased by 25 per cent, and the rate of car thefts by 60 per cent during the riots sparked by BLM anarchists. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles school police chief tendered his resignation after his department's budget had been slashed. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is also planning to curtail the budget of the capital's police and fire services, while offering top dollar to recently hired "racism spotters".

On Wednesday, the New York City Council approved a proposal to cut 1 billion dollars (appr. 890 million euros) from the New York Police Department's (NYPD) operating budget. Thus, the police budget will shrink to about 5 million dollars for the next financial year starting on 1 July. NYDP's frontline force will not be reduced, as the restrictions will mainly affect administrative staff and paid overtime, according to plans. City Council leaders, however, voted against plans to train 5,300 police officers to provide services to schools.

At the same time, official statistics from the police department show a spike in murders, burglaries and car thefts in New York between mid-May and mid-June. The latest police statistics released on 15 June reveal that there were 38 murders in the city during the BLM protests, twice as many as in the same period last year. There have been 159 homicide cases in New York this year, up 25 per cent compared to the same period in 2019.

Shooting incidents are also up, with the NYPD registering 394 cases by mid-June, which is a 24-percent growth compared to last year. Burglaries have doubled (1691 incidents, up from 759) over the last month because of the lootings by anarchists. Looking at the whole year, burglaries are up 47 per cent compared to this point last year (from 4,480 to 6,595). Car thefts have increased over 60 per cent, with 3,078 incidents taking place this year (up from 1,893 at this point last year).

In Los Angeles, School Police Chief Todd Chamberlain tendered his resignation on Wednesday, after the city had cut the department's budget by 25 million dollars. He issued a written statement to explain his resignation: "After humbly serving my communities, departments and personnel over 35 years in law enforcement, I have been placed in a position that makes my ability to effectively, professionally and safely impact those groups unachievable." He also called the budget cut "detrimental" and "potentially life-threatening." Meanwhile a civil rights group has launched a campaig in Los Angeles to cut LAPD's current $1.8billion budget by 75 per cent next year.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced last weekend to slash the police's budget by 110 million pounds (around 122 million euros). The London Fire Brigade will lose 25 million pounds (27.5 million euros) from its current budget as part of the overall cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Met Police currently has 32,400 police officers, 9,500 civilian employees and 1,240 so-called support officers, who are to be most adversely affected by a potential wave of massive layoffs. At the same time, London police are looking to hire so-called “racism spotters” for a daily fee of 150 pounds (plus expenses), which is a handsome wage. According to Daily Mail, these civilian assessors are only expected to spot signs of racism in applicants and screen out "racist, intolerant" behaviour. They make an annual 39,000 pounds, a much higher rate than the starting salary of 29,000 pounds for those beat-treading officers they help to employ.

London is the knife capital of the UK, with 15,492 police-recorded knife offences in 2019. 149 people were killed last year in the city, with 90 of the homicides involving a knife.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that police recorded 45,627 offences involving a knife or a sharp, pointed instrument last year, the highest since comparable recording began in 2011. According to London Police Chief Cressida Dick, 140 officers were injured in the past three weeks during clashes with BLM protesters and other radical anarchists.

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