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Soros network launches legal attacks because of migrants

A fake NGO linked to billionaire speculator George Soros is accusing a county council of not providing adequate care to a migrant boy, who identified himself as a minor, although a bone scan revealed that he was older than 18. The European Court of Human Rights has also brought the country under fire, issuing its fourth condemnation in a month.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders), an NGO funded by billionaire speculator George Soros, has lodged a complaint against the council of Seine-Saint-Denis, a departement neighbouring Paris, for endangering the lives of people and failing to help a person in danger.

MSF lawyer Emmanuel Daoud has called the case precedent-setting, as there is no example for such legal proceedings against a departement council. He added that the organisation supports several minor migrants, who are in a similar situation.

MSF accuses the council of Seine-Saint-Denis departement of ignoring a report sent by the Ville-Evrard Hospital, where the migrant was being treated for psychiatric problems caused by violence he suffered during his vicious journey. The young man said he was born in Ivory Coast in December 2002 and arrived in France in 2018. He is temporarily cared for by the Youth Protection Office, but a bone test upon his arrival in France found that he was in fact an adult, and therefore not entitled to benefits available to minor refugees. MSF requested that the file be reopened and indicated that they would file a claim for benefits on his behalf. Seine-Saint-Denis is one of the French departments where the number of unaccompanied minor migrants has increased most rapidly of late.

Three NGOs (Utopia 56, Medecins Sans Frontieres and Comede) have recently set up a tent camp for some 70 young migrants in the centre of Paris. Their stunt was designed to achieve better conditions for migrants who have declared themselves as minors but are, in reality, grown-ups.

Migránsok vertek tábort a fĹ‘város központjában
Migrants set up camp in city centre

Minor migrants have set up a tent camp in the city center in a bid to persuade the government to grant them more support....

According to Franceinfo, almost exactly when the above complaint was filed, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned France for failing to help three asylum seekers, thus violating Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits torture and inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. The ruling issued by the ECHR - where some justices are demonstrably members of George Soros's network - stated that France had failed to provide assistance to a 27-year-old Afghan, a 33-year-old Russian and a 46-year-old Iranian immigrant, who applied for asylum in 2013. Under the ECHR ruling, two migrants were awarded 10,000 euros and the third received 12,000 euros in compensation.

Soros network infiltrates European Court of Human Rights

The network of US billionaire speculator George Soros has systemically weaved itself into the fabric of the European Court of Human Rights....

The ECHR ruling said it was the French authorities' responsibility that the asylum-seekers were forced to live in inhumane conditions for months on the streets, without any financial resources, and that they only received financial assistance much later.

Pro-migration NGOs welcomed the ECHR ruling, with the chairman of Utopia 56, Yann Manzi stating that the deprived conditions in which migrants are forced to live in Paris and Calais are no longer tolerable. However, ECHR also stressed that the court was aware of the constant increase in the number of asylum-seekers and of the efforts French authorities were making to expand accommodation capacities and speed up asylum application processes.  Figures from the interior ministry show that France registered 138 420 asylum applications in 2019.

This is now the fourth instance in a month that ECHR has condemned France. Early in June the country was rebuked for failing to properly protect a young girl, Marina, who was beaten to death by her parents in 2009. In mid-June, the court found that France violated the free speech rights of a Palestinian advocacy organisation called Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) and, at the end of June, France was condemned for the expedited deportation of two Comorian children - who entered the overseas department of Mayotte illegally - back to the Comoro Islands.

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