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Soros attorney to ruin homeowners' life who tried to protect their property

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets again in the US city of St Louis, but when they entered a private property they were scared off by a gun-toting couple. St Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner condemned Mark and Patricia McCloskey's action, and ordered an investigation into the incident. It turns out, however, that Ms Gardner enjoys the support of George Soros.

The Black Lives Matter movement, funded by George Soros, staged a demonstration earlier this week in the US. This time, protesters took to the streets of St. Louis, Missouri.

After the protest, a video showing a couple standing in front of their house with weapons in hand to scare away the marching protesters went viral on social media, The clip shows Mark and Patricia McCloskey, both lawyers, shouting at the protesters that they are on private property and warning them to leave.

Of course, the left-wing media took the protesters' side. The footage, however, is highly manipulative, because its uncut version shows BLM protesters entering the McCloskey residence through a gate.

Commenting on the incident, local District Attorney Kimberly Gardner stressed that she was cooperating with police and that an investigation would be launched into what exactly happened. She said: "The Cirucit Attorney's Office will not tolerate the use of force or intimidation to affect the rights of individuals to peacefully protest and to protect their First Amendment right."

Gardner has close ties to George Soros. The African American prosecutor applied for her current post in 2016 and received sizeable amounts from the stock market speculator. She campaigned with a promise to reform and rebuild social trust in the criminal justice system and reduce the number of violent crimes.

Gardner received over 67 thousand dollars from a political action committee (PAC) called Safety and Justice that can be linked to George Soros, The Missouri Times reported back in 2016. Gardner used part of the money to finance an advertising campaign.

Kimberley Gardner is also affiliated with the Democrats and is an ardent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. In a public debate earlier, she butted heads with Missouri's Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt, whom she simply described as a "Trump wannabe", according to Fox News.

Earlier, Mr Schmitt had criticised Ms Gardner on Twitter for allowing the release of 36 rioters, who were arrested for offences committed during the violent protests over the death of George Floyd.

The Circuit Attorney responded  that only eight of the 36 cases were referred to her office and that police did not provide "admissible evidence".

Citing a KMOV-TV report from February, Fox News also reported that the rate of convictions under Gardner has taken a nosedive. According to figures, the prosecutors managed to achieve guilty verdicts in 51 per cent of the cases in 2018, and in 54 per cent of the cases in 2019. 

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