Threats against teachers common in Western Europe

A few weeks before the brutal murder of Samuel Paty, a teacher was also insulted in another French school. The circumstances are eerily similar to those preceding last Friday’s murder.

WORLD OCTOBER 24. 2020 13:30

France was shocked by the brutal death of Samuel Paty, a teacher murdered by a Muslim terrorist for talking about free speech and showing his class pictures of the Muhammad cartoons published by the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine, according to Breitbart.

Teachers in Sweden have also expressed concerns that such attacks could happen in their country.

Swedish teacher Olof Linton told Swedish state television (SVT) that the murder was in fact an attack on freedom of expression and could have happened anywhere in Europe – in Sweden, for example. According to the high school teacher in Stockholm, they have to be prepared for such attacks to happen, and it s no longer a a question of if, but when. Linton also pointed out that teachers must continue to educate children and they must not bow to extremist ideologies.




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