Ukrainian front turning bloodier and more brutal + video

Photos and videos posted on Telegram show that the fighting is becoming increasingly more horrific across Ukraine.

WORLD AUGUST 27. 2023 17:19

The drones are so difficult to spot that soldiers often have no chance of survival. Footage shows that the gunman didn’t even notice the bomb until it landed directly in his lap.

In the footage taken by the killer drones, it is clear that sometimes the soldier does not even move, because the entire impact happens incredibly quickly. The next video shows a drone releasing a hand grenade on a soldier lying on the ground.

In addition to the killing by drones, countless images of unburied corpses have also emerged. As can be seen in the footage, the soldiers observing the terrain have to make their way through dozens of dead bodies to get close to the front.


The situation is similar in the settlements in the war zone, where the bodies of fallen soldiers lie in the immediate vicinity of residential houses and shelters.

The cruelty of the war raging in Ukraine is clearly visible in the following video, which shows that a soldier bled to death on the battlefield, but apparently no one offered him help until now. However by the time the help arrived, it was apparently too late.



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