Uranium-containing weapons reaching Ukraine a potential genocide

Uranium-containing weapons reaching Ukraine a potential genocide

Those who deny the effects of depleted uranium on human health are unaware of cancer formation, Serbia's health minister said, in connection with the NATO bombings. Danica Grujicic emphasized that following the events of 1999, the number of cancer cases grew significantly in both Serbia and some neighboring countries. The minister, who is a doctor by profession, also warned that if weapons containing uranium should enter the territory of Ukraine, it would be tantamount to genocide.


Number of cancer cases grew significantly after NATO bombings

NATO’s bombing of the former Yugoslavia began twenty-four years ago. During the 78-day operation, as representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization later admitted, 15 tonnes of depleted uranium were used in Kosovo, as well as 2 tonnes of depleted uranium in the south Serbian settlements of Vranje, Bujanovac, and Presevo.

During NATO’s bombardment of Yugoslavia, a nuclear and chemical war took place, Serbia’s health minister told the country’s public broadcaster. Danica Grujicic highlighted that after the bombing, the number of cancer cases increased significantly, and that these cases have become more and more aggressive. Seven years after the NATO bombings, Serbian authorities established that the number of leukemia and lymphoma patients had increased, and 10-15 years later, they also registered a noticeable spike in both the number and aggressiveness of tumors, the minister recalled. She stressed that the treatment conditions are far better today, as the country has more equipment and medicine than just a few decades before. That said, Serbia still ranks high in terms of the registered number of cancer cases and deaths in Europe.

She also recalled that

the bombing also had an impact on increasing sterility, the spreading of autoimmune diseases, any anomalies occurring during pregnancy, and mental disorders.

It is high time for the international community to investigate what happened exactly, and what consequences the events of that time are having on people’s health, she added.

As V4NA has highlighted in one of its previous articles, there are thousands of Serbian residents who claim that their cancer is a result of NATO’s bombs. Their statements are now confirmed by Serbia’s health minister, who has many decades of medical experience. The moment of the explosion generates radiation, and then the process is carried on by nano-particles, she explained. These particles will make their way into a person’s lungs and kidneys and, from that moment on, a so-called alpha particle – which is fifty times more carcinogenic than anything else – may be released from a depleted uranium atom at any time, transforming a normal cell into cancer. Those who deny the effects of depleted uranium on human health are unaware of cancer formation, the minister underlined.

In V4NA’s own experience, it is rather palpable that the mainstream media and its journalists – all hired guns loyal to George Soros – are already tyring to downplay the health consequences of depleted uranium-based weapons.


Photo: Serb government

Ms Grujicic: those ready to consign these weapons should be in The Hague

In her recent interview with the Russia Today Balkan news portal, the minister did not mince her words. Danica Grujicic underlined that if any country receives a missile containing depleted uranium, it means nuclear war. Serbia’s health minister reacted to the fact that London could deliver depleted uranium-based ammunition to Kyiv.

All those who claim that depleted uranium is safe should put such ammunition in their living room, and let’s see what happens,” Ms Grujicic points out. „Anyone who says that weapons containing depleted uranium are harmless is lying. Moreover, they lie knowingly,”

opined the minister, who is a doctor by profession.

„The Ukrainians will be the most affected, but the Poles, the Hungarians, the Slovaks and the Czechs will also have to suffer,”

the expert emphasized, alluding to the fact that due to the bombardment of Serbia, the surrounding countries have also witnessed a spike in the number of cancer cases.

„They should not them to pollute their land, water, and air with depleted uranium. I can’t believe that anyone wants these missiles to be launched on Ukrainian territory for the sake of destroying a few tanks,” Serbia’s health minister, a doctor boasting decades of experience, told the Ukrainians.

Ukrainians, stand up to the idiots calling for depleted uranium missiles. This is genocide against the Ukrainian people. Those who would hand over these weapons belong in The Hague,”

Danica Grujicic expressed her wish for the UN to ban the use of weapons containing depleted uranium in the world. „Through the example of our people’s suffering, we must show how dangerous these weapons are,” she said.

Russians have also warned of the dangers of depleted uranium

The West would keep silent about the topic of radioactive radiation and its effect on human health, Aleksandr Bochan-Kharchenko said, responding to a statement by the UK’s deputy defence minister, which suggests that London is preparing to deliver ammunition containing depleted uranium to Kyiv. Russia’s current ambassador to Serbia said Moscow had actively cooperated with Belgrade to highlight the consequences of the use of depleted uranium. In a previous article, V4NA quoted the diplomat as saying that it would be difficult to find more convincing pieces of evidence than those collected by the Serbs, that have revealed the repercussions of using depleted uranium.

It is interesting to see how two fully incompatible ideologies happen to coexist in the „collective minds” of Western liberal dictatorships: their alleged concern for Ukrainian children and an insane desire to pollute the region with depleted uranium, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Marija Zakharova asks, responding to the idea that Kyiv would receive weapons containing depleted uranium from the West.

„Maybe they think it’s like a chicken pox party where healthy kids get together with small children that have chicken pox, so that everyone gets the disease and becomes immune? Radiation is not chicken pox. They are unlikely to be able to take care of other people’s children, given that they feel no empathy even towards their own.”

Ms Zakharova said.

Se recalled an article published by the BBC, revealing that the UK’s police and armed forces had fired rubber and plastic bullets at kids during the conflict in Norther Ireland. Eight children were killed in the clashes, some of them were about ten years old. The spokesman of the Russian foreign ministry pointed out that the authorities knew that the use of such munitions was likely to cause death, but they used them anyway.

„Ammunition containing uranium, plastic bullets against children, gender reassignment for minors – these are the „rules” of the new world order. I am against all of this,”

Ms Zakharova wrote in conclusion.

Contaminated soil, contaminated grains

Ukrainian land has already been contaminated by toxins, the BBC warns in an article. Among the burned-out buildings, heavy metals, fuel and chemical residues from ammunition and missiles have seeped into the soil, the portal adds.

“Although the full extent of soil contamination in Ukraine is not yet known, there are concerns that the conflict will cause long-lasting damage to the country’s agricultural productivity” the portal writes.

Ukraine is one of the world’s most important producers and exporters of grain, the portal underlined. In addition, the latest figures collated in January 2023 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) estimate that 618 industrial or critical infrastructure sites have been damaged or destroyed in the year since the war began, they add. UNEP also warns of the harmful effects of uranium getting into the environment.

“Depleted uranium found in armour-piercing shells and tank armour can have serious after effects and hinder clean-up efforts. Once weapons hit the ground, they often remain buried so uranium takes decades to dissolve into the soil,” writes the BBC.

One of the most intense forms of exposure can occur after wars, when children go out and play on old army vehicles and tanks, ingesting or inhaling contaminated dust from explosions, or when workers deal with metal at scrap yards, the portal adds.



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