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V4NA map: George Soros's network ensnares South America

US stock exchange speculator George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) are also present in South America, where they have provided significant amounts to pro-migrant and LGBTQ organisations, among others. As Brazil's presidential race was held in 2018, it is no coincidence that organisations trying to exert their influence during the election have also received top dollar from Soros.

According to regional data made available on the official website of Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF), 2018 saw a total of 312 Latin American or Caribbean organisations or programmes being awarded financial assistance. The map below reveals that Soros's dependents are the most active in Brazil and Colombia.

The largest amount, more than 9 million dollars, was given to an organisation called Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad (Dejusticia) in Colombia. The organisation could use the amount to finance its strategic transformation between 2018 and 2022, among other things.

The Venezuelan office of Amnesty International, one of Soros's favourite organisations, pocketed 75 thousand dollars. The organisation, active all around the world, could use the amount to provide counselling and conduct research in connection with murders and other violent crimes.

Organisations engaged in activities close to Soros's heart have also fared well, as NGOs dealing with migration, reproductive rights and LGBT communities have also received money.

The Brazilian organisation Anis - Instituto de Bioetica, Direitos Humanos e Genero had a chance to support Brazil's ongoing social debate on abortion to the tune of 70 thousand dollars.

An organisation called Associacao Direitos Humanos em Rede, also headquartered in Brazil, has successfully applied for funding three times and receiving 349 thousand dollars. They spent the money on human rights issues in Brazil and on strengthening the protection of migrants and refugees arriving in Venezuela.

Fundacion Mujer y Futuro in Colombia could provide information on sexual and reproductive rights to young women, using Soros's endowment of 25 thousand dollars.

A group called Fundacion Servicio de los Jesuitas para los Refugiados, also based in Colombia, received over 176 thousand dollars,w hich it spent it on providing legal protection for migrants.

The organisation Political Research Associates, Inc., headquartered in the United States, was awarded 46,530 dollars to promote LGBT communities and fight discrimination in Haiti.

The NGO called Migrar es Vivir A.C. received 55 thousand dollars to raise awareness in Mexico and provide family reunification counselling to those who have been deported to Mexico. 

Brazil held its presidential race in 2018, won by Jair Bolsonaro, and OSF data show that Soros and his allies  tried to meddle with the vote.

The proof of their attempt is a grant of 25 thousand dollars awarded to the organisation J T V Faria Producao de Conteudo - ME, to support the production of a webseries designed educate viewers about Brazil's electoral system and highlight the issue of disinformation.

15 thousand dollars were given to Instituto Update to produce podcasts meant to combat alleged disinformation during the electoral period.

The organisation Instituto Sou da Paz managed to open Soros's money tap twice, with a total of 108 thousand dollars pouring in. Out of this sum, the organisation could spend 85 thousand dollars on a sensitisation programme to improve both the state's and police's capacity to respond to protests with a human rights perspective.

An organisation called Genero e Numero Comunicacao LTDA received 48,600 dollars to produce content to be distributed free of charge, with the aim of informing and educating about online misinformation and gender issues throughout the electoral process.

Besides funding a number of organisations, Soros also financed three fellowships with a combined grant of 260 thousand dollars. One of these projects offered an opportunity to promote cooperation between African-Brazilian and African American organisations to combat racism.

In addition, nearly 30 thousand dollars have been awarded to 3 internship programmes that offered the beneficiaries education in human rights at organisations such as the Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR), or the Center for the Study of Democracy and Fundar.

It is visible, however, that George Soros decided not spend on scholarships so extensively here as in some other regions, granting only around 230 thousand dollars for 14 scholarships in the region.

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