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V4NA-map: Soros feeds pro-migration organisations - Part III

US stock market speculator George Soros is quite solicitous about migrants intending to reach Europe from Africa and the Middle East. It comes as little surprise that pro-migration NGOs operating in these areas have received significant financial support from the Open Society Foundations.

According to data available on the website of Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF), the network supported the North African and Middle Eastern region with 195 grants in 2018. Similar to Central Asia, Soros intervenes in that area with the help of organisations based in other countries.

With illegal immigrants constantly arriving in Europe from the region, it is no coincidence that the stock market speculator spends his money on pro-migration organisations.

Financial support in the amount of 25 thousand dollars was granted to the Oslo-based Norwegian Refugee Council. The money might have been used to fund a project in Jordan.

The US-based Bard College received 270 thousand dollars to support blended learning initiatives for refugees and residents in Germany, Jordan and Palestine.

Sensitisation projects were also supported. The organisation called Stichting Mideast Youth launched an online and offline educational campaign about migrant-related issues on a budget of 150 thousand dollars received from OSF.

The Soros network is also very active in Palestine.

Refugee organisations were given sizable sums there to support their work. The Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency, for example, received 250 thousand from the OSF to help Palestinian refugee communities protect their rights.

Palestinian LGBTQ communities also got sums from the money pot. The organisation called Al Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in the Palestinian Society was given 100 thousand dollars to build stronger LGBTQ communities in Palestine.

In addition, US organisation The Telos Group received 350 thousand, which it could use among others to organise education of US leaders about Palestinian communities to explain them the reality of Palestine and Israel.

The Central European University, George Soros's cadre training institution, has also received a fair share of funding. Soros's university has been awarded two grants, totalling 106,800 dollars. Out of this sum, 105 thousand dollars were spent on the 4th Annual Legal Empowerment Leadership Course that will encourage, support and cultivate a global cadre of government and civil society leaders who have a common understanding of legal empowerment, particularly of the poor.

According to the website of the Open Society Foundations,  all regions of the world could benefit, even if indirectly, from the amount allocated for organising the course.

Apart from showering NGOs with money, Soros generously spent on scholarships and fellowships. 43 scholarships have been awarded, totalling over 1.7 million dollars while 528 thousand dollars have been spent on 7 fellowships. In addition, 6 internship programmes were financed with more than 68 thousand dollars.

Thus, Soros and his allies financed six internship programmes that focused on human rights and the awardees could participate in training at organisations such as the Greek Forum of Refugees, Irish Council for Civil Liberties and Institute of Public Affairs, among others.

Some scholarship holders had the opportunity to spend Soros's money on implementing various projects, for instance, The Phenomenal Figures of the West, Abroad: The Homosexual, the Activist, and Revolution in Contemporary Egypt. Others could participate, for instance in a project entitled "Psychological Consequences of Trauma on Females: The Moderating Role of Rumination and Gender Role Identity Among Egyptian and Syrian Females". Soros also financed participation in the programme "Christians in Egypt, Muslims in Germany: A Study on the Otherness".

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