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V4NA map: Soros network gains ground in Africa - Part V

African countries have not escaped the attention of US stock market speculator George Soros. Organisations supported by the Open Society Foundations are pushing hard on the Dark Continent and working on topics important to Soros.

According to data available on the website of US stock market speculator George Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF), a total of 288 grants were awarded to local organisations or international programs operating in Africa in 2018. The map reveals that one of Soros's favourite countries is Kenya, where dozens of organisations in the capital, Nairobi alone have benefited from OSF support.

The biggest grant, 6 million dollars went to the Ethiopia Education Initiatives, but liberal ideas also received financial support, especially in the area of sexual minorities.

Gender DynamiX, an organisation focusing on the rights of the transgender community in Cape Town, has received 40,000 dollars from OSF for operating costs.

The Team No Sleep Foundation won 50,000 dollars to address the challenges of LGBTQ refugees in Nairobi.

The University of Pretoria received 241,000 dollars from Soros to train professionals in sexual and reproductive rights.

Migrants and refugees also received from the handout.

The Swiss-based organisation Jesuit Worldwide Learning received 410,000 dollars to support the graduation of 220 people living in the Kakuma refugee camp from Liberal Studies.

The Dutch Lighthouse Reports Foundation (Stichting Lighthouse Reports) received 94,810 dollars from Soros's foundation to support the establishment of a journalistic network covering returns in migration policy with the aim of raising awareness, creating space for evidence based debate, and improving outcomes for refugees and migrants.

According to the data, the Soros network spent 314,000 dollars on four Fellowships in Africa, and funded three internship programs with 48,000 dollars. The money was spent on the training of people in human rights, for example, at the organisations Migration Policy Institute, Girls Not Brides and Global Witness. The OSF has spent more than 3.3 million dollars on 82 scholarships.

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