Viktor Orban: Here comes 2nd Soros Plan

The financial proposal put forward this week could have serious consequences for the European Union. This is the second Soros Plan, published by George Soros himself, listing ways to tackle the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This was one of the topics Hungary s prime minister discussed in his interview with Hungary s public radio on Friday. Concerning the EU summit on Thursday, Viktor Orban said participants had agreed on several points regarding pandemic response efforts, but there is still no agreement on some important issues.

POLITICS APRIL 24. 2020 08:40

Speaking about the European Council summit, Viktor Orban explained that they had not agreed on everything, but there were quite a few points on which they had. „We agreed to amend the next seven-year budget, whose drafting is on the agenda. We will bring forward larger sums from the next seven years so that we can spend them in the first two-year period, expected to be the most difficult in terms of the economic consequences of the pandemic,” the prime minister said. He added that they also agreed that these sums could be used more flexibly and that a much larger budget would have to be created, meaning that each state would have to undertake a more sizable contribution.

However, they were not in agreement on whether the money to be mobilised in the coming years for crisis management should be loans or non-refundable grants. „There are fierce debates on that issue, which is understandable,” Mr Orban added.

Concerning the attacks on Hungary, the premier remarked, „there are the attacks that come from the capitals of EU member states, and there are those which arrive from Brussels. These are two different worlds.” He added that what they thought of Hungary in Berlin had no special significance.

Brussels is different, because „Brussels is a centre of power.” „Brussels is occupied by bureaucrats and there is more restricted space for reason,” but the new Commission president has initiated positive changes, Mr Orban added. However, he emphasized that „we must always see that George Soros is keeping his hand in things here”.

Soros s plan on migration is now known to the public because the author who has written it has also disclosed it. George Soros „published an article this week on the management of the economic consequences of the virus and the pandemic. This is the second plan, Soros Plan number two.” In the article, the American billionaire speculator described that special financing was needed so that the European Union can take out loans „as large as possible. The principal amount of these loans need not be repaid in the future, but the interest that will have to be paid has no maturity. This means we will have to pay the interest as long as we live,” that is, as long as these states exist they will be paying. „To tell the truth, the financial proposal that has been put on the table is at least as dangerous as the previous plan, the resettlement scheme of migrants in terms of how serious consequences the European Union will have to bear,” Mr Orban pointed out. He stressed it was important to be aware that there are constant struggles in the European Union, adding that essentially these struggles are about „who can make money and how much money they can make on us.” This is why it is extremely important that the Hungarian government should stand firm and protect Hungary s interests, the Hungarian prime minister underlined.



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