White families are not real Londoners, mayor says

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been forced to distance himself from a post on the Greater London Authority's official website which claimed that white families are not real Londoners.

WORLD AUGUST 21. 2023 17:41

Sadiq Khan was forced to distance himself from a claim on his website that a picture of a young white family “does not represent real Londoners.

The Labour London mayor was criticised over the message, which appeared as part of a guide to his and the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) brand. The guide opened with the words: “A City for All Londoners”, and promised to appeal to all ages, genders, sexual orientations and family make-ups.

There are, however, groups which the city leadership would discriminate against. A picture of a couple and their two children walking along the Thames, with parliament in the background, was highlighted as an example of pictures not to use. A label on the picture read: “Doesn’t represent real Londoners”.

Mr Khan said the caption was added by a staff member “in error”, and does not reflect his view or the view of the GLA.

“The document has now been taken off the GLA website and is being reviewed to ensure the language and guidance is appropriate,” a spokesman for the mayor said. Mr Khan’s rival in next year’s mayoral race, Tory candidate Suzan Hall, called for the mayor to apologise.

She told the Mail on Sunday, which exposed the guidance:

“All Londoners are real Londoners, no matter their ethnicity, and Sadiq Khan needs to apologise and stop these desperate, politically-motivated attempts to divide people.”



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