Why does EC president incite non-EU entity against EU member state?

Why does EC president incite non-EU entity against EU member state?

The head of the Ukrainian oil pipeline network company was essentially advised by Ursula von der Leyen to blackmail Hungary by shutting off the Friendship oil pipeline according to reports. The European Commission refused to comment to V4NA on the Ukrainian president's plans to blow up the pipeline. Curiously, however, when the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up, the Commission president promised tough action against the perpetrators. Brussels cannot seem to get rid of its double standards.

POLITICS MAY 18. 2023 19:45

The Hungarian oil company MOL is in continuous negotiations with the Ukrainian pipeline network operator Ukrtransnafta on the amount transit fees, which will be increased in two stages in the coming months. On 15 May 2023, however, Ukrtransnafta CEO Volodymyr Tsependa sent a Russian-language memo to MOL saying that the restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products were considered too strict and that the Hungarians were not open to further easing of the regulations, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet reports.

According to the paper’s information, in the letter the Ukrainian CEO noted that

the Ukrainian entity received a message from Brussels, from Ursula von der Leyen’s environment that „If this is the attitude of the Hungarians, then feel free to stop oil supplies to Hungary via the Friendship.”

They, however, also indicated their intention to negotiate.

The above is clearly seen by MOL’s managment as blackmail. They do not wish to engage in direct negotiations with the Ukrainian party saying this would open the way to further blackmail. MOL reported the Ukrainian blackmail attempt in a letter to Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Wednesday, and also contacted the Hungarian ambassador in Kiev to take action on the matter, who promised to attempt that.

The Friendship oil pipeline is also

constantly used by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to blackmail Hungary.

According to recently leaked US intelligence documents,

Zelensky previously said that Ukraine should simply blow up the pipeline because it could destroy Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s industry, which relies heavily on Russian oil.

V4NA has contacted EU leaders to ask their opinion on Zelensky’s plan to weaken the economy of an EU and NATO member state.

In a reply to V4NA, both the EP President and Ursula von der Leyen wrote that they „do not comment” on the case.

Brussels seems to be unable to get rid of its double standards towards Hungary, which is why it does not condemn the threat.

By contrast, it is worth remembering that when the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up, Ursula von der Leyen promised tough action against the perpetrators.

However, the latest information about the Commission President is even more shocking, so V4NA has once again contacted Ursula von der Leyen. We asked her press office

Why is the President of the European Commission inciting the leader of a non-EU country’s economic entity to harm an EU member state?



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