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Why is the media silent about BLM crimes?

Drugs, illegal gatherings and violence against police. Although a recent beach party has spiralled into chaos, the perpetrators got off scot free by playing the BLM card, Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage says in his latest investigative video. The most shocking thing though is that such cases are left uncovered by the national media.

"Why is it me that has to come along and try and report this and get it out to a big audience?" Nigel Farage asked in his latest investigative video. The politician began to investigate another clandestine scandal that happened last weekend, and although some scary images have spread across social media, the press and the national media outlets have failed to report the issue.

A local restaurant in Greatstone invited the youth to a beach barbecue. Due to the epidemic, the number of guests at these type of outdoor events is maximised at 30, so organisers were expecting a low headcount and only put the postcode out at the last minute. However, they were soon faced with a crowd of 5,000 and the party soon began to spiral out of control. The illegal gathering, dominated by loud music, drugs and alcohol, has "terrified locals who were forced into their homes."

The BBC reported about the event as one organised for "underprivileged" young people. The restaurant owner said locals were extremely "racist" towards to "black people on the beach." However, the locals, whom he considered excluded, did not complain about the skin colour of the visitors, but about the huge amounts of rubbish, bottles full of urine and human feces left on the beach.

After videos of the incident emerged, showing enraged young people dragging officers and forcing them to the ground, Farage asked locals about their experiences. According to his report, when the event reached a size when it was in clear violation of the law, police arrived and tried to dissolve it. The youngsters, however, branded the police action as racist and attacked the officers shouting slogans of the Black Lives Matter movement. In his video, Farage asks why the lawless and appaling party taking place in a small seaside town was not "part of our national news agenda."

"Is it because we are simply becoming a lawless society and no one cares? Or is it because the media have frankly become too scared to report on stories like this", Farage asked, adding that several people had told him about their experiences, but when he asked them to speak in front of the camera, most of them refused and were visibly terrified of the request.

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